TTP Course 3: Evidence-based Practice


As a new graduate nurse, you will need to continually define priorities, find supporting evidence and then implement what you learn. Evidence-Based Practice is the third course of the acclaimed Transition to Practice series. Through interactive exercises and guided discussions with your preceptor or experienced colleague, you’ll grow in research skills and confidence!* Visit for more information and to register.

Cost: Included in Transition to Practice Program for $150 | $40 for individual registration

CE Credit: 4.0 Contact Hours

Subscription Length: 6 months if purchased as part of the Transition to Practice Program | 4 weeks if purchased separately

Audience: This self-paced online CE course is designed for new graduate nurses in all practice settings.

*In order to meet the Institute of Medicine’s 2016 goal, you will need 90% of your practice of nursing based on evidence by the year 2020.

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