The Initiative to Advance Innovations in Nursing Education: Three Years Later

In 2009, the Innovations in Education Regulation Committee, convened by the NCSBN, worked collaboratively with other stakeholders to identify perceived and real barriers to innovation in nursing education and proposed model rules and statute language that boards of nursing could adapt to foster innovations in their state's nursing programs. The model language was unanimously adopted by NCSBN's Member Boards. Since then, NCSBN has conducted three surveys to determine the impact of NCSBN's initiative as well as the state of innovations in nursing education. Following a review of the committee's work, this article presents survey data on innovation in nursing education over the last 3 years.
Nancy Spector, PhD, RN & Susan Odom, PhD, RN
Spector, N., & Odom, S. (2012). The initiative to advance innovations in nursing education: Three years later. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 3(2), 40-44.
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Education, Innovations in Regulation, Patient Safety, Practice, Research
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