Qualified Veterans Reimbursement Program

As part of the ongoing effort to participate in programs aimed at assisting potential nurse licensure candidates, the NCLEX-RN and -PN examinations have been added to the qualified list of non-federal government licensure/certification examinations by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The inclusion of the NCLEX allows for eligible veterans and their dependents (as defined by the Department of Veterans Affairs) to be reimbursed for the cost of test(s) given to qualify an individual for a vocational license or certificate. Currently, qualifying veteran candidates have no limit as to the number of times the exam can be taken.

Veteran reimbursement is not available to candidates seeking licensure/registration in Canada and Australia.

Steps a candidate must perform in order to receive reimbursement

Initial requests for reimbursement must be accompanied by VA Form 22-0803 and sent directly to the local Department of Veterans Affairs office of the candidate. Additionally, the following information needs to be included every time a candidate applies for reimbursement:

  • Copy of the candidate's test results.
  • Name of the test taken and exam administration date.
  • Name and address of issuing nursing regulatory body for licensure.
  • Cost of the exam (registration fees, preparation guides and processing fees will not be reimbursed).

Visit the Department of Veteran Affairs website for more information and to download reimbursement forms.

What does this mean to nursing regulatory bodies?

The impact of this initiative upon your nursing regulatory body is nominal. The registration process for eligible applicants will continue to be the same as described in the NCLEX Candidate Bulletin. When a qualifying individual applies for reimbursement for taking the NCLEX ($200), it is done through the candidate's local Department of Veterans Affairs office. As part of the application, the candidate will have to list the nursing regulatory body issuing the license to practice. Other than publicizing this VA benefit to candidates, nursing regulatory bodies have no further obligation.