Nursys for Members

What is Nursys?

Nursys ( was implemented in 1999 and is a comprehensive electronic information system that includes collecting and storing a nurse's personal information, licensing information, disciplinary information and license verifications.

What does Nursys help members do?

  • Verify applicant's licensure details
  • Enter and review disciplinary actions
  • Identify licenses
  • Enhance communication between members
  • Retrieve discipline and various other reports

What data is in Nursys?

  • Personal Information - nurse's identity and specified residential/mailing addresses
  • License Description Information - details about an individual's nursing license
  • Education Information - details about an individual's education
  • Disciplinary Action Information - details about disciplinary actions taken against/reported for a license
  • Verifications - details about the tracking of the receipt of verification requests
  • Historical Information - details such as: name, address, discipline and licenses

What are the different ways a member can participate?

  • Full Participation (view current list) - contribution of both licensure and discipline data to Nursys
  • Discipline Participation - contribution of only discipline data to Nursys
  • Nonparticipation - no contribution of data to Nursys

    View current participation statistics (as of 12/28/2021)

Benefits for Members that agree to full participation of full licensure and discipline data participation in Nursys receive valuable license and discipline based reports, including:

  • Discipline covering all jurisdictions in Nursys
  • Social Security Master Death Index comparison
  • Sex Offenders Registry comparison
  • and many more...

What services are available for the public?

Inclusion in Nursys services publicly available via (

  • Licensure QuickConfirm - a free service that allows employers and recruiters to retrieve necessary licensure and discipline documentation in one convenient location.
  • Nurse License Verification - a service that enables nurses to verify their license(s) from a Nursys licensure participating board of nursing when applying for endorsement into another state (fees apply.)
  • e-Notify for Institutions - a free of charge innovative nurse licensure notification system where users receive real-time notifications about nurses employed at their institutions. The system provides licensure and publicly available discipline data directly to users as the information is entered into the Nursys database.
  • e-Notify for Nurses - provides nurses with notifications of license status, license expiration, license renewal or publicly available disciplinary actions.

Learn more about publicly available Nursys services.

How can a member start participating?

Review the Nursys Fact Sheet for full details and contact NCSBN.