Nursys e-Notify Promotional Materials


Webinar for Board of Nursing Executive Officers & Staff: This presentation was given during a webinar held Oct. 25, 2016. Learn about the following:

  • How NCSBN can help you increase employer awareness about e-Notify;
  • Resource materials available to publicize e-Notify;
  • How NCSBN can follow up the referrals you send us and provide information and personalized
    assistance to employers by doing WebEx presentations/demos if requested; and
  • Implementation and ongoing customer support for employers.

Promotional materials for use by boards

  • e-Notify Self-Enrollment Flyer: Promote the self-enrollment feature of e-Notify to your licensees. There are two versions available below:
  • Promotional Flyer for Employers: Learn how NCSBN's e-Notify service can easily help employers stay notified about the licensure status of the nurses working for you.
  • FAQs: Get answers to frequently asked questions related to NCSBN's e-Notify service.
  • Request printed e-Notify FAQs: Download this form if you would like to receive printed copies of the Nursys e-Notify FAQs.

e-Notify Promos

Use these e-Notify promotions on your websites or social networking posts and link back to: