Association Between Job History and Practice Error: An Analysis of Disciplinary Cases


This study aimed to determine possible risk factors associated with error events or practice breakdowns for nurses that were reported to boards of nursing (BONs). We evaluated 861 cases submitted by BONs to the NCSBN’s Taxonomy of Error, Root Cause Analysis, and Practice-Responsibility database. Standard statistical analysis was used. A high percentage of nurses involved in practice breakdowns that were reported to BONs have a negative job history (discipline or termination for practice issues by their employers). Among the 725 nurses with complete job histories available, 60% (n = 437) had been disciplined or terminated by their employers in the past. A nurse's job history may serve as a useful index to identify a small group of nurses with a risk of being involved in a practice breakdown. In addition to conventional disciplinary actions, a tailored remediation program should be considered to prevent additional practice breakdowns.

Elizabeth Zhong, PhD & Mary Beth Thomas, PhD, RN
Zhong, E.H., & Thomas, M.B. (2012). Association between job history and practice error: An analysis of disciplinary cases. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 2(4), 16-18.
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Discipline, Medication Errors, Patient Safety, Practice, Research
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