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  • NCLEX Program Reports - Subscription Overview

    Join hundreds of educators across the country who subscribe to NCLEX Program Reports. These reports are the only source for detailed information about your graduates' performance on the NCLEX examinations. 

    2022  | Publications

  • In Focus 2022, Vol. 2

    • An Incredible Exam Experience: British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives and College of Nurses of Ontario Collaborate with NCSBN to Develop and Implement the REx-PN
    • ICRS Foundations of Regulation Courses Help NCSBN Members Enhance Skills and Knowledge
    • Resiliency: NCSBN’s 2022 Environmental Scan Examines Nurses’ Achievement and Innovation

    2022  | Magazines

  • NCLEX Examinations Webinar Series: NCLEX Practice Analyses, Test Plans and Test Design 

    This webinar will discuss the 2021 NCLEX Practice Analyses, 2023 NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN Test Plans and NCLEX Test Design for April 2023 with Clinical Judgment. Part one of this webinar will outline the recent practice analysis that incorporated the relevancy of clinical judgment in entry-level nursing practice. Part two will provide an overview of the new aspects of the NCLEX test design incorporating clinical judgment starting April 2023.

    2022  | Recorded Webinar

  • 2021 NCLEX Examination Statistics

    This annual publication provides data on candidate performance on the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN Examinations and also includes data on the candidates who have been able to take the NCLEX-RN for purposes of licensure/registration in Canada since January 5, 2015. This publication provides a brief overview of how Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) works, how the passing standard is set, and how the pass/fail decision is made at the beginning. The main part of the publication is a detailed breakdown of candidate performance for 2021 and includes the pass rates by candidate type, degree type and country. In addition, the publication contains NCLEX historical data (e.g., pass rates, passing standards, and volume) since CAT administration started in 1994.

    2022  | Publications

  • Take your Career to the Next Level with ICRS

    The International Center for Regulatory Scholarship (ICRS) is an educational initiative, presented by NCSBN, that offers online and blended courses designed to cultivate and elevate nursing leaders and policymakers around the world. ICRS also provides unprecedented opportunities for global networking and collaboration. Starting in 2023, the Fellowship of Regulatory Scholarship (FRS) credential will be available to signify outstanding achievement in regulation. Learn more and enroll at

    2022  | Video

  • 2022 Award Recipient – North Dakota Board of Nursing

    2022 Regulatory Achievement Award

    North Dakota Board of Nursing

    The Regulatory Achievement Award recognizes the member board or associate member that has made an identifiable, significant contribution to the mission and vision of NCSBN in promoting public policy related to the safe and effective practice of nursing in the interest of public welfare.

    2022  | Video

  • 2022 Award Recipient – Barbara Blozen

    2022 Elaine Ellibee Award

    Barbara Blozen, EdD, MA, RN-BC, CNL, Board President, New Jersey Board of Nursing

    The Elaine Ellibee Award is granted to a member who has served as a president and who has made significant contributions to NCSBN.

    2022  | Video

  • 2022 Award Recipient – Ann Coghlan

    2022 R. Louise McManus Award

    Anne Coghlan, MScN, RN, former executive director and CEO, College of Nurses of Ontario

    The R. Louise McManus Award is the most prestigious award. Individuals nominated for this award shall have made sustained and significant contributions through the highest commitment and dedication to the mission and vision of NCSBN.

    2022  | Video

  • What’s on your mind about the future of nursing regulation? Discussion with the NCSBN Board of Directors and NCSBN Leadership

    Join the 2022 Board of Directors for an interactive presentation about your concerns and insights on nursing regulation.

    2022  | Event Presentation

  • Education Session: Workforce Issues Panel Discussion

    2022  | Event Presentation

  • Keynote: Quantum Change: Creating the Transformations That Need to Happen to Increase Relevancy, Influence and Outcomes

    2022  | Event Presentation

  • Committee Forum: Finance Committee

    2022  | Event Presentation