Developing a Multi-Regional Statewide Nursing Workforce Forecast Model Requires Innovation and Collaboration


A key message from the Institute of Medicine’s report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, addresses the need for better health care workforce data collection and information infrastructure, which is a prerequisite for effective workforce planning and policy making. Health care workforce forecasting models provide a mechanism for making future projections, which can be valuable in quantifying supply and demand and identifying the most appropriate strategies to prevent future shortages. Forecasts or predictions about future nursing supply and demand at the state level, although becoming more prevalent, are limited to a minority of states using a variety of methodologies. The Louisiana Multi-Regional Statewide Nursing Workforce Forecasting Model offers a unique and powerful tool to both monitor and forecast changes in the supply of, and demand for nurses at both the state and regional levels relative to specific health care settings. Development of such a model requires collaboration with agencies and/or entities having access to state-level data as well as the support of stakeholders interested in using the model in strategic planning and policy development.

Cynthia Bienemy, PhD, RN
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Model Rules/Legislation, Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), Practice, Regulation, Research
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