Graduate Nursing Programs for Non-Nurses: A National Perspective


This study represents an initial attempt at exploring the characteristics of graduate programs in nursing for non-nurses (GPNNNs), their students, and real and potential regulatory concerns. The variability in the required number of credits alone is a prompt for educators to examine the most efficient path to a graduate degree for non-nurses. Further, those involved in the design, implementation, and regulation of these programs and the students need to consider the actual and potential regulatory issues that can surface when students without a nursing degree are permitted or required to take the NCLEX after completing pregraduate nursing courses.

Judith Fitzgerald Miller, PhD, RN, & Karyn Holm, PhD, RN
Miller, J.F., & Holm, K. (2011). Graduate nursing programs for non-nurses: a national perspective. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 2(2), 4-9.
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Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), Education, Licensure, Practice, Research
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