Guidelines for Using Electronic and Social Media: The Regulatory Perspective


Social media can be a very effective way of communicating in nursing, but guidelines for appropriate use by healthcare providers are essential. This article briefly introduces the phenomenon of social media and introduces three actual scenarios where nurses unintentionally violated appropriate use of social media in healthcare. The scenarios are discussed related to social media, career, concerns, and nursing regulation. Incorporating these and other examples with data from board of nursing cases, the nature of complaints against nurses is explored as well as common myths and misunderstandings about using social media platforms. Guidelines for appropriate use by nurses and available resources to inform policy are highlighted. Next steps in social media in nursing should include development of organizational level policies and educational programs on the use of social media.

Nancy Spector, PhD, RN Dawn M. Kappel, MA
Spector, N. & Kappel, D. (September, 2012). Guidelines for using electronic and social media: The regulatory perspective" OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. 17(3), Manuscript 1.
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Education, Regulation, Social Media
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