Licensed Nurse Responsibilities in Nursing Homes: A Scope-of-Practice Issue


A mailed survey of licensed practical nurses (LPNs) employed in nursing homes in Minnesota and North Carolina examined their role and responsibilities as well as barriers to and facilitators for working within their scope of practice. The study focused on the nursing practice domains of assessment, care planning, evaluation, delegation, and supervision. BONs are encouraged to provide guidance to nurses and their nursing home employers who interpret RN and LPN scopes of practice as a means of promoting accountable, safe, quality care for nursing home residents.

Christine Mueller, PhD, RN, Ruth A. Anderson, PhD, RN, Eleanor S. McConnell, PhD, RN & Kirsten Corazzini, PhD
Mueller, C., Anderson, R.A., McConnell, E.S., & Corazzini, K. (2012). Licensed nurse responsibilities in nursing homes: a scope-of-practice issue. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 3(1), 13-20.
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Licensure, Long-term Care, Practice, Research
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