Linking Nursing Work Environment and Patient Outcomes


A cross-sectional secondary data analysis was conducted linking nursing work environment data from a 2004 survey of 633 nurses in 71 hospitals in North Carolina and Illinois to hospital-level patient outcomes data based on the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality inpatient quality indicators and patient safety indicators. Nurses' job demands and schedules are associated with selected patient outcomes and should be considered as modifiable working conditions, along with staffing, to improve patient care.

Alison M. Trinkoff, ScD, RN, Meg Johantgen, PhD, RN, Carla L. Storr, ScD, Ayse P. Gurses, PhD, Yulan Liang, PhD & Kihye Han, MS, RN
Trinkoff, A.M., Johantgen, M., Storr, C.L., Gurses, A.P., Liang, Y., & Han, K. (2011). Linking nursing work environment and patient outcomes.Journal of Nursing Regulation, 2(1), 10-16.
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Patient Safety, Practice, Regulation, Research
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