Promoting and Regulating Safe Medication Administration in Nursing Homes


The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing and the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Health Policy and Research convened the Massachusetts Medication Safety Alliance, a 15-member collaborative of regulatory agencies and long-term care providers, to develop the Nurse-Employer Medication Safety Partnership Model to cultivate a safety culture in Massachusetts nursing homes that supports voluntary medication-event recognition and disclosure by nurses. To guide the model's development, the Alliance assessed the perceptions of 1,286 nurses working in 109 Massachusetts nursing homes, finding more than half rated their practice environment as punitive and identified fears of blame, disciplinary action, and lawsuits as barriers to medication-event reporting.

Teresa Anderson, PhD, Carol A. Silveira, MS, RN, Rebecca Woodland, PhD, Steven Handler, PhD, MD & Michael Hutton, PhD
Anderson, T., Silveira, C.A., Woodland, R., Handler, S., & Hutton, M. (2011). Promoting and regulating safe medication administration in nursing homes. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 2(1), 56-61.
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Long-term Care, Medication Errors, Patient Safety, Practice, Research
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