Promoting Regulatory Reform: The African Health Profession Regulatory Collaborative (ARC) for Nursing and Midwifery Year 4 Evaluation


As countries across sub-Saharan Africa work towards universal health coverage and HIV epidemic control, investments seek to bolster the quality and relevance of the health workforce. The African Health Profession Regulatory Collaborative (ARC) partnered with 17 countries across East, Central, and Southern Africa to ensure nurses and midwives were authorized and equipped to provide essential HIV services to pregnant women and children with HIV.

Maureen A. Kelley, PhD, CNM, FACNM, Sydney A. Spangler, PhD, CNM, Laura I. Tison, RN, MPH, Carla M. Johnson, RN, Tegan L. Callahan, MPH, Jill Iliffe, M.Int.S, RN, RM, Kenneth W. Hepburn, PhD, Jessica M. Gross, MSN, MPH
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International Nurses, Regulation, Research
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