Regulation of LPN Scope of Practice in Long-Term Care


With changing staffing structures and persistent quality concerns in nursing homes, registered nurses are challenged to ensure that appropriate care is delivered. We describe differences in the nurse practice acts and related administrative code for all 50 states and DC for LPN delegation and supervision. Next, we explore relationships between these differences and quality measures from CMS for US nursing homes, using 2007 data. Findings indicate that how BONs regulate LPN scope of practice is directly related to care quality.

Kristen N. Corazzini, Ruth A. Anderson, Christine Mueller, Eleanor S. McConnell, Lawrence R. Landerman, Joshua M. Thorpe, & Nancy M. Short
Corazzini, K.N., Anderson, R.A., Mueller, C., McConnell, E.S., Landerman, L.R., Thorpe, J.M., & Short, N.M. (2011). Regulation of LPN scope of practice in long-term care. Journal of Nursing Regulation 2(2), 30-36.
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Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses (LPN/VNs), Long-term Care, Patient Safety, Practice, Regulation, Research
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