Speak for Success: A Pilot Intervention Study on Communication Competence of Post-Hire International Nurses


Speak for Success was a research study designed to test the effectiveness of an evidence-based, comprehensive communication training program for international nurses. This study indicated that a short-term linguistic intervention was effective in reducing phonologic errors of international nurses regardless of gender, age, country of origin, or length of residency in the US. Despite a tendency of improvement for some communication variables, differences in between-group and within-group comparisons were not significant.

Yu Xu, PhD, RN, Anne L. Bolstad, BS, Jay Shen, PhD, Roseann Colosimo, PhD, RN, Margaret Covelli, MHA, RN, Miriam Torpey, MSN, RN, & Marcey Jorgenson,MSN, RN
Xu, Y., Bolstad, A.L., Shen, J., Colosimo, R., Covelli, M., Torpey, M., & Jorgenson, M. (2010). Speak for success: a pilot intervention study on communication competence of post-hire international nurses. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 1(2), 42-48.
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Continued Competence, International Nurses, Regulation, Research
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