NCSBN produces a wide variety of publications, online courses, videos, brochures, toolkits and newsletters presenting in-depth information and best practice techniques that contribute to the body of nursing knowledge.

Knowledge Network
  • iTrack

    Tool for customizing legislative reports by state or subject matter.

    Web Page

  • Member Board Profiles

    Tool for collecting information from NCSBN members that provides an overview of the regulatory environment in which boards of nursing operate.


  • The National Nursing Database

    Comprehensive source of nursing licensure statistics for the U.S. and its territories, compiled by NCSBN's database, Nursys.

    Web Page

  • Member Board Profiles Reporting Tool Tutorial

    Administrator provides instructions on how to create and print custom or complete reports from the Member Board Profiles application.

    2015 | Video

  • Member Board Profiles

    An online publication that provides an overview of the regulatory environment in which the 59 nursing regulatory bodies function. Visit the National Nursing Database to download various reports. Updated annually.

    2020 | Publication

  • 2020 NCLEX Information Flyer

    Highlights for before, during and after the NCLEX. Includes information on The Eight Steps of the NCLEX, acceptable identification and rules for scheduling/rescheduling your appointment.

    2019 | Publication

  • A Just Culture and Regulation: Challenges and Opportunities

    Marie Dotseth discusses Just Culture and asks the question, “How does it fit with regulation?” She also goes over unique challenges and opportunities for a Just Culture in the regulatory environment.

    2011 | Event Presentation

  • Bylaws Committee Report

    Nathan Goldman gives a report from the Bylaws Committee. 

    2010 | Event Presentation

  • Continued Competence Committee Update

    NCSBN Work on Continued Competence: Past and Present 

    2010 | Event Presentation

  • Continued Competence Comments and Discussion

    Questions and discussion from audience on the topic of continued competency. The discussion is emceed by Sean Gorman. 

    2010 | Event Presentation

  • Committee Reports Panel Q and A Session

    2010 Midyear Meeting questions and answers for committee reports presenters.  

    2010 | Event Presentation

  • Just Culture Q and A

    Panelists from Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas answer questions about their experiences with Just Culture.

    2011 | Event Presentation