NCSBN produces a wide variety of publications, online courses, videos, brochures, toolkits and newsletters presenting in-depth information and best practice techniques that contribute to the body of nursing knowledge.

  • Nursys for Members

    Exclusive service for NCSBN member boards that houses a nurse's personal information, licensing information, disciplinary information and license verifications.

  • Nursys Overview

    Publicly available Nursys services, e-Notify, Nurse License Verification and Licensure QuickConfirm.


  • NGN News - Spring 2019

    Published quarterly, this newsletter provides the latest information about the work to assess potential changes to the NCLEX Examinations. 

    Newsletter topics:

    • The Clinical Judgment Model and Task Model

    2019 | Publication

  • NCLEX Member Resources

    Resources for boards of nursing and regulatory bodies on NCLEX policies and procedures, opportunities to get involved with the development of the NCLEX and ways to bring NCLEX information to your jurisdiction.

    Web Page

  • NGN Talks: Item Development

    Item development and workshop processes are key to NCSBN's Next Generation project. This NGN Talk explains the collaborative effort to imagine, develop, review and study items to ensure that the Next Generation NCLEX effectively measures critical thinking and decision-making.

    2019 | Video

  • Why Participate in NCSBN: The Whole Picture

    Current NCSBN leaders and committee members talk about how participating in NCSBN activities has benefited them both personally and professionally. 

    2019 | Video

  • Opioid Toolkit

    Resources and guidelines and specific opioid prescribing continuing education materials that help the effort to prevent overprescribing.


  • 2018 LPN/VN Practice Analysis: Linking the NCLEX-PN Examination to Practice (Vol. 75)

    This periodic performance of practice analyses (i.e., job analysis) studies assists NCSBN in evaluating the validity of the test plan that guides content distribution of the licensure examination. Because changes can occur in licensed practical/vocational nurse (LPN/VN) practice, practice analyses are conducted on a three-year cycle.

    2019 | Research Item

  • Why Participate in NCSBN: Piece 9

    NCSBN President-elect, Jim Cleghorn, talks about how participating in NCSBN activities has benefited him both personally and professionally. 

    2019 | Video

  • Commitment to Ongoing Regulatory Excellence (CORE)

    Project that provides an ongoing performance measurement system for nursing regulators.

  • Executive Officer (EO) Succession Planning Toolkit

    The intention of the toolkit is to provide a starting point for conversation and assessment between a member and its EO to prepare for EO succession.


  • NCLEX Practice Exam Commercial

    The new NCLEX Practice Exam is the missing piece to help you prepare for exam day. It is timed and uses actual retired NCLEX items to give you a simulated exam experience. Learn more at

    2019 | Video