Occupational Licensing

NCSBN Is Leading the Regulatory Community in Occupational Licensing Reform

Occupational licensing reform has become a focal point at both the state and federal level, with many researchers, states and interest groups producing content addressing the topic. NCSBN views itself as a leader in in the field of occupational licensing reform through our research, education, and policy efforts, including the Nurse Licensure Compact, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) Consensus Model, and the APRN Compact. 

NCSBN recognizes the importance in meeting the legal tests set forth by the Supreme Court in the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners decision. NCSBN believes that state-level changes should be made to meet any new requirements, based upon the unique circumstances facing each licensing board in a state. State-based changes will ensure the powers specifically granted to the states to regulate the professions that lie within their borders remains intact. Federal incursion into this area could lead to greater legal uncertainty as states determine the best solutions for their licensed occupations and consumers.

A Look at Occupational Licensing: Insights from the Healthcare Regulatory CEO Collaborative

Members of the Healthcare Regulatory CEO Collaborative (HRCC) discuss the debate over occupational licensing and some of the challenges their organizations face.

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