Apply for CRE Grant

Application Submission

All proposals must be submitted using NCSBN's Grant Application form by 11:59pm CST of the posted submission date. All proposals must be typed in 12pt Times New Roman Font and the application may not exceed a total count of 7,000 words (not including CVs, biographical sketches, budget and timeline).

Proposals should be directed to:

Proposal Guidelines

Problem Conceptualization

The research problem or questions should be succinctly stated and the investigator should explain why the problem is important to nursing regulation. Each proposal should state the investigator's aims in advancing the science of nursing regulation.

Literature Review/Contribution to the Field

The proposal should contain a literature review and describe how the proposed research will fit into the existing body of research. How will it address gaps in knowledge? Are new hypotheses suggested or is a previous study being replicated?


The design, method and proposed statistical analysis of results must be clearly outlined and appropriate for solving the problem to be investigated. All research instruments must be selected or developed prior to the proposal submission. Validity and reliability of all instruments must be included in the proposal. Innovation, clarity and thoroughness will be taken into account. The scientific review panel will examine how visionary, clear and precise the proposal presents the intended project.

Qualifications of the Investigators

Applicants must demonstrate their ability to successfully conduct a scientific investigation. Competency may be demonstrated in the following manner: 1) the principal investigator is an experienced researcher who has demonstrated successful completion of research projects, or 2) the principal investigator has a co-investigator/consultant who has demonstrated competency in the research process. Investigators must include a CV or biographical sketch that describes their position, research expertise, peer reviewed publications, manuscripts in press and research support received in the past.


NCSBN reserves the right to make judgments related to costs and budget. The budget should be well thought out and tied to the proposed research. All items must be allowable under the program. Change to an approved budget will only be allowed under extenuating circumstances. The purchase of durable goods is not allowed. Due to NCSBN's status as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, indirect costs cannot be funded by the Center for Regulatory Excellence.

Allowable Expenses

  • Investigator salaries
  • Data collection, processing, statistical analysis
  • Consultant Fees (Not to exceed $250.00/day)
  • Reproduction/distribution of surveys or other tools
  • Travel to the research study sites (expenses related to travel for dissemination of data, such as a conference presentation, are limited to $1,500)
  • Research assistant
  • Other expenses directly related to the research process